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;      ' "   --  '   .' 8.--    .:     -    -     - ;
LET us RETURN TO our main purpose, which is
to examine the way in which we are to face up
to this impending World Revolution.
To many minds this idea of Revolution is
almost inseparable from visions of street barri-
cades made of paving-stones and overturned
vehicles, ragged mobs armed with impromptu
weapons and inspired by defiant songs, prisons
broken and a general jail delivery, palaces
stormed, a great hunting of ladies and gentlemen,
decapitated but still beautiful heads on pikes,
regicides of the most sinister quality, the busy
guillotine, a crescendo of disorder ending in a
whiff of grapeshot. . . .
That was one type of Revolution. It is what
one might call the Catholic type of Revolution,
that it is to say it is the ultimate phase of a long
period of Catholic living and teaching. People
do not realise this and some will be indignant
,      : .                          iQ7